Tuesday, July 8, 2014

stars & stripes

the 4th of July is easily one of my favorite holidays. family time, fireworks & red white and blue... can't get any better than that.
L was a sweetie and slept through most of the firework show until burning ashes flew in my eye and i about dropped him. sounds comical but it was absolutely horrible.

up at the boren cabin in liberty
great grandpa boren & l. talk about heart melting.
love spending long weekends with these two^
Saturday we spent the day on the lake with the FIL & MIL. we love the lake and we love them.Thanks mimi & poppie!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Blessing Day❤5-4-14

Today was such a perfect day!  I had been so worried lennon might scream during his blessing, but he proved me wrong and slept silently the whole time. He must have known it was a special day because he was an angel the entire day!! Brady seriously amazes me. He is so in tune with the spirit and gave lennon the most perfect blessing! That is something I admire most about him.
We were surrounded by our families & dearest friends all day! We feel so lucky to have our little chubby & for all the love and support!

4 generations. a photo that will be cherished forever! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

[Lennon Paul Boren] 3•14•14

I figured I better write lennons birth story before I forget anything! 

Our due date was March 6th. My whole pregnancy I had a feeling he was going to come early. My mom and sisters had all their babies early, so I was just convinced mine would be the same. Little Lennon had other ideas. From my 37 week appointment to my 40 week appointment my body really hadn't progressed at all. I went from a 1cm to 1 1/2cm and  barely thinned to about 70%. 

At my 40 week appointment we schedule a cervix ripening induction for Thursday night the 13th. My cervix wasn't softening so they couldn't just induce me with pitocin or I would have been in labor for too long with out much progress. I was told we would receive a call from the charge nurse on Thursday and she would tell us when to come in depending on how busy labor and delivery was.

This last week of pregnancy was by FAR the longest week of our lives. I think it is safe to say I cried daily! I was so uncomfortable but more than anything I wanted him here and having been told a due date and then waiting a whole extra week was just excruciating! 

Thursday came and we were both so nervous. Brady went to work and was home by three and I spent the day packing our bags and getting ready. When Brady got home we ran a few errands with my mom to grab some last minute things. At 6:15pm we got a call telling us to come in at 7:30. We were just pulling into our driveway so we ran up stairs got things together, ate a light dinner as instructed and loaded up the car. 
It took quite a long time to get settled in our room and hooked up to the IV and monitors. 

8:00pm 1 1/2cm-80% thinned. finally got my first of three pills. They would be giving them to me every 3 hours. Baby and I were hooked up to what felt like a million monitors and we were told to get as much sleep as possible. Neither of us could sleep because we were so anxious so we watched a show on our iPad and had bugles and apple juice. 

11:30pm my pill dosage got upped because nothing had happened at all in the previous 3 hours. After this pill I started to get cramps that were pretty uncomfortable but not quite painful. Every time I would finally fall asleep they would come in and move the heart rate and contraction monitors because baby would switch positions. 

2:30am 2cm-85%thinned. My contractions definitely picked up after this pill but still they weren't painful. By this point I was so frustrated and exhausted because I didn't sleep a wink the whole night. 

7:00am 2cm-85%thinned. I got the cutest most darling nurse heather, who would be the one to help me through my whole delivery. I was so relieved because at this point I was so ticked with my other nurse bugging me the entire night! (Excuse my dramatic, exhausted, hormonal pregnant self) 

7:45am 2cm-85%thinned. My doctor showed up to check on me. He was pretty upset that the night nurse started me on such a low dosage for my first pill. I could tell he thought I was going to be in labor for ages so he decided to break my water and start me on pitocin. I can't tell you how grateful and relieved I was! The nurse let me know the anesthesiologist had just started a c-section and would be about an hour. She told me to page her if I was getting too uncomfortable. 

8:00am My contractions picked up so quickly and were getting so painful I was in tears. Shocker, I know. I was yelling at Brady through my tears to go find the anesthesiologist himself. He let me hold his hand and I about squeezed it off. My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and lasting a minute long. I've honestly never been in more pain in my life. I was sure I wasn't going to make it. The nurse came in around 8:30, saw how much pain I was in and told me she would contact the anesthesiologist and he would be in as soon as he was out of the c-section. 

8:50am my lifesaver Dr. Meyers showed up to give me my epidural. Due to how much pain I was already in I honestly don't remember the epidural hurting. He was the sweetest man. He walked me through the whole process and warned me of everything I was about to feel. There were pops, feeling of electricity going through my legs and some heat. That took about ten minutes to kick in and I was finally back to myself. Getting an epidural was the BEST decision ever. Everything went smoothly and pain free after that. 

9:30am 3+cm

10:30am my cute mom and sister Carly showed up. I was SO glad to have my mom there. 

11:30am 8cm

1:30pm 10cm and fully thinned! Because Lennon was still up high in the birth canal they wanted to let him and gravity work together to help him drop before I started pushing. My cute mother in law arrived. 

Around 2:50pm I started to push. My mom and Brady each held a leg and encouraged me the whole time. Brady was SO nervous, it was dang cute. My darling nurse helped me each contraction. I was dying to watch so she set up a mirror. I was anxious that Brade would get sick, but he did awesome and didn't get sick at all! After about 30 minutes of pushing she paged Dr. Froerer and another delivery nurse. It took about 3 pushes once he got there and baby boy was here at 3:33pm! 
8lbs 14oz•20 1/2 inches long 

My first thought was how much I loved his hair and how huge he was! I couldn't believe how big his hands were! They were a little worried about his breathing so they sent in a NICU nurse just to check on him. After a few minutes she left and said he was just fine! I then got to snuggle him for the first time and it was the most incredible experience I've ever had in my whole life. I couldn't believe he was ours and how perfect he was! I was completely obsessed with all his hair! There is nothing like holding your baby for the first time! After I held him Brady got to snuggle him. It was amazing to see the love he had for him instantly. The most magical thing I've ever witnessed❤️
(checking out their twinner pigs)
Giving birth was the most incredible experience and I can hardly WAIT to do it again!! (Don't tell my husband)

We feel so blessed to have this sweet boy in our family! He has completely changed everything. We never thought we could love someone so much!! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

it's finally here!!

this little guy is casually showing up a week late! it's been a pretty S-L-O-W week for his mom & dad but he's definitely worth the wait! I am being induced Thursday night so we will for sure have a baby by Friday. 
3/6/14 due date...I wasn't too thrilled. 
clean laundry washed, dried & put away
our last date night before this munchkin arrives! I think I would have died or gone insane if it weren't for my darling husband. he knows how to make everything okay, and for that I am eternally grateful! 

it still doesn't seem real that he'll be here so soon. we are so nervous, anxious and beyond excited!! we've been told none of this will seem real until we are holding him in our arms for the first time...and let me tell ya, we can't even WAIT! 

please send some prayers and good vibes our way! Oh, and be prepared for picture overload. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

[heaven help me]

this little dude is totally comfy and has no plans of showing up anytime soon. I was so bummed at last weeks appointment that NOTHING had progressed... crying was definitely involved. Praying these next two weeks go by quickly. If he's not here by the second week in March my dr will induce me, let's hope he decides to come all on his own before then! 
38 weeks... Yes I'm aware I look like I'm going to burst any minute. Kind people think it's necessary to point out the obvious! 
Brady was convinced a little off roading was going to put me in labor... It didn't work so I tried the elliptical.
my cute mom and dad took me to get a pedicure & I gave the little Asian girl full permission to rub as hard as she wanted... Still nothing!  

Our conclusion: he's already in charge & is bound and determined to come on his own timing! he's stubborn, just like his mom! Come on buddy we need you here!!